About Tarf

Our range of furniture Made to Order, Made to Measure & Custom Designs includes:

  • Recycled tables

  • Recycled shelves & sideboards

  • Recycled bars & bar units

  • Steampunk

  • Vintage tools

  • Homewares 

  • Slabs

​Our range of steampunk & timber tables!

Our hand crafted steampunk range is a combination of frames made from galvanised threaded pipe/fittings & pipe clamps, dressed with a range of timber tops bolted to the sturdy frame to suit your budget.

The timber range is made from dressed pine giving a strong yet easily transportable solution.

Table top finishes are either marine grade polyurethane, stain and or oil/waxed finish to suit your needs.


​We will make to order or select from our standard range of tables:

  • Little deck punk

  • Big deck punk

  • Bar punk

  • Pine timber trestle 

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